Main Room

Valentino’s casual, yet sophisticated Main Room venue is available Monday through Saturday with seating for up to 80 people (a minimum 60 guests is required to reserve this space, Monday through Friday, with a minimum of 65 guests on Saturday).

We would be delighted to work with you in creating a customized menu for your private social function, family celebration or corporate get-together, whether hosted here at Valentino or at your home or business. Incorporating only the finest, freshest ingredients, our chefs will develop truly unique and unforgettable dishes for your special event. If desired, we can also arrange entertainment, florals, customized cakes, personalized centerpieces and decorations, party favors, parking and rentals for your one-of-a-kind event.

To plan your next event at this extraordinary venue, call Giuseppe Mollica at (310) 829-4313 or complete the "Private Dining or Events Booking" contact form.