In a town where everyone is chasing success and restaurants come and go before you even knew they existed, Valentino remains a stronghold and a bright, shining star in Los Angeles.

Piero Selvaggio, the man responsible for driving the success of this legendary dining establishment, has weathered storms of all descriptions from Italian “nuova cucina” to seismic tremors, not to mention the ever-changing mood of Angelenos. Skillfully taming the exuberance of the 70s, Selvaggio created this jewel on the Westside in 1972 and, over the years, has continued to shape and transform Valentino Santa Monica, always ensuring the traditional resources and mainstays of his native Italy remain prevalent. Today Valentino is both a reflection of those classic Italian traditions and the changing lifestyles and expectations of today’s diner.

Piero's team help to bring his vision to life. The kitchen executes flawless and timeless menus. Classic and memorable antipasti, pasta and main dishes continue to be featured on the menu at Valentino, as well as innovative options including vegetarian and gluten-free selections which are popular part of the offerings as well. Valentino’s obliging culinary staff will gladly adjust any menu item to accommodate a guest’s needs or tastes or “small plate” appetite. It’s all served up in a delightfully charming, yet evolved setting that has our guests returning time and time again.